Muscle Men – Samuel and Darius

Samuel and Darius are our hunks of the day and they sure love pounding their asses. These two hunk met at the gym and after a getting to two each other a bit better they moved their trainings at Darius’s place. The knew from the beginning that they were both in to guys, but neither of them knew how to start a discussion about it. Darius was the bold one and did something about it and invited Samuel to his place to watch the game and have some beers. He thought maybe the alcohol will smooth things up a bit. Samuel didn’t need any beers because he knew he wanted Darius for the first time he saw him coming out of the shower with this tiny towel on him. Samuel knew that that bump under the towel must be a good sign so when he got invited to his place he hoped that would be his lucky night. Long story short things got hotter and hotter until they started fucking their asses on the brown leather couch. You must also take a look at for rough sex scene with the hottest hunks. enjoy it!

samuel and darius

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